Arêches-Beaufort, le 15/10/2011

The Pierra Menta reveals its 27th edition dates: Marsh 15 to 18, 2012

In 2012, the Pierra Menta will occur from 15 to 18 Marsh in the wonderful mountain landscapes of the Beaufortain region (Savoie). During 4 difficult days, more than 400 skiers, 200 roped parties, thousands of spectators and more than 400 volunteers will gather to write a new chapter of this legendary ski-mountaineering race story.

The Pierra Menta, a historical race
Once again in Arêches-Beaufort, the Pierra Menta will gather more than 400 skiers in teams of two people, racing through the high mountains in a four day race. Being amateurs coming to make their dream come true, or being elite skiers, they will all have to eat up the 32 810 feet of difference in height (ascent). A mental as well as a physical effort. By foot, with skis or crampons on they will cross about fifteen passes, descend steep corridors, and operate along breathtaking ridges to finish the Pierra Menta race for some or to win for others. Once again this year, the most famous names of ski mountaineering will race: Didier Blanc, William Bon-Mardion and Kilian Jornet-Burgada or Laëticia Roux and Mireia Miro.
They will write their names in this legendary race.

La Grande Course, act II
In 2011, The Pierra Menta was the first step of a new international ski mountaineering competition, la Grande Course, which brings together 5 of the most emblematic and prestigious races in the world: the Pierra Menta (France), the Adamello Ski Raid (Italy), the Trofeo Mezzalama (Italy), the Tour du Rutor (Italy) & the Patrouille des Glaciers (Switzerland). This championship takes place on two years, with 3 races a year, the Pierra Menta being the only annual race.
The competitors participate in the stages by teams of 2 or 3, but the ranking of La Grande Course is individual. Indeed, each athlete gets a certain number of points during the five competitions. The 1st edition winners will be rewarded by the end of the 2012 Patrouille des Glaciers competition. No doubt that the 2012 Pierra Menta stage will make the great champions reach a new step towards the final podium.


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